Journal your prayers with others

The next aspect of prayer journaling worth mentioning at this point of our journey is the social aspect. I expect you to be surprised by this because what most people enjoy about journaling is the safe place and privacy it provides. In journaling, we are alone with our thoughts, free to deal with them asContinue reading “Journal your prayers with others”

Can prayer journaling help you to process trauma?

In my previous post I have promised to continue writing about what I think everybody should know about prayer journaling, and here is number two on my list: creative writing is increasingly becoming a go-to method for trauma recovery. It’s possible to access healing and restoration from traumatic experiences and grief, through journaling. Can prayerContinue reading “Can prayer journaling help you to process trauma?”

What you need to know about prayer journaling

I am not going to stop writing about prayer journaling any time soon. Why? Because it is so wonderful! Because it has made my life so much better and I believe that it can transform your life, too. It’s not a new idea, yet I don’t come across with articles or books about it veryContinue reading “What you need to know about prayer journaling”

Is God calling you to rest? How do you answer His call?

This story about Martha and Mary is famous for a reason. I think it captivates many of us because this story is so simple, easy to understand and there are so many ways we can relate to both Martha and Mary. In this post and journal prompt I would like us to focus on Martha,Continue reading “Is God calling you to rest? How do you answer His call?”

Have you ever heard God’s voice in your heart? How do you know it was Him?

You might have asked this question before. How can you know that you really heard from God and how can you distinct His voice from the sound of your own desires or imagination? You might sense a call to change your job, to move house, to move town or even country. You might sense aContinue reading “Have you ever heard God’s voice in your heart? How do you know it was Him?”

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