Why prayer journaling?

I started my first prayer journal over 20 years ago. I have always had an obsession with stationery and writing, just give me a new notebook and a 0.5 gel ink pen and I’m right in my happy place.

Prayer and Bible reading has also been part of my everyday life since I was 14, so when my great passion for writing met with my love for the Bible, a whole new world opened up to me.

First, I started to copy my favourite scripture verses into my journal, then I started to write down my prayers, later on I combined these two and this is how I learnt to pray scripture and to open up my heart before God in forms of creative writing.

Prayer journaling is different from other forms of writing because it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be eloquent or even grammatically correct, but you have to be raw and real, otherwise it won’t work. English is my second language and I am often self-conscious about how I speak and write in English and all the mistakes I make, but when I write my prayers, I get into this flow that sets me free. I don’t just write with my head, trying to craft a beautiful piece of art. I write with all my heart, and I pray until I feel something stirring or settling in me.

Reflecting on your life and working through your emotions is a process and it can be very messy. Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and honest within the privacy of journaling is not easy, but it can be a healing and transforming experience.

Prayer journaling has helped me to navigate through many difficult circumstances in my life. It has also helped me to savor many joyful moments. It has not only gave me a structure to stay intentional in my relationship with God, but it has contributed to my choice of becoming a pastor.

Whether you are a pen on paper kinda person or you are more comfortable with typing, through this blog I hope to inspire you to go deeper in your relationship with God through prayer and creative writing. I will share imaginary prayers of well – known, and maybe some not so well – known Bible characters.

When you read them, I would like you to try to put yourself in their shoes, think about their story, how they might have felt in certain situations. See how they talked to God and focus on their very real human emotions. God’s Word has preserved us these amazing stories so we might be able to read them, think about them and learn from them.

I hope to inspire you to journal your own prayers and this way to learn more about God and yourself.

Published by Mariann Gilicze

I am a Hungarian-born theologian, minister and Bible teacher living in Northern Ireland. I inspire people to discover more about faith and life in Jesus Christ through creative writing and the transforming power of prayer journaling.

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